Hoover Jovis SJ144WSR4 Wet & Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Hoover Jovis SJ144WSR4 Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect combination of design and high level of performance. It has a soft contoured shape with an arc shaped handle. The Jovis has 14.4V of battery power and a usage time when fully charged of up to an impressive 20 minutes. The Hoover Jovis SJ144WSR4 features an integrated LED on the upper surface indicating the level of battery charge remaining.

Ideal for both wet and dry spills, the Hoover Jovis SJ144WSR4 can be used to pick up liquid and dust anywhere in the home without having to plug into the power supply with no trailing cable. Supplied with a washable filter which is removed easily, to clean simply rinse under running hand warm water, thoroughly dry and replace to sustain the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. The charging unit can easily be mounted on a wall for convenient storage taking little space.


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Tools on board include an integrated soft brush plus squeegee tool and crevice tool that are stored neatly in the charger base for convenience and storage. Lightweight at 1.4 kg the Jovis can be carried with ease to wherever a quick clean is needed.


Hoover Jovis SJ144WSR4 Wet & Dry Features and Specifications

   Motor Power: 14.4V battery power


   Washable filters


   Wet and dry pick up – capacity: 0.5L dust and 0.2L water


   Residual battery indicator


   Product Weight:1.4kg


   Handy wall mounted charging unit


Hoover Jovis SJ144WSR4 Wet & Dry Reviews


The reviews for the Hoover Jovis SJ144WSR4 Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner are divided between content and unhappy buyers.

Everyone seemed to be agreed in their satisfaction with the product when it worked: reviewers commented on its light weight and motor being sufficiently powerful for the tasks they undertook and its ability to cope with wet as well as dry matter.

The unhappiness expressed by commentators was over the longevity of the battery – some said it packed in after about 6 months.

We are uncertain as to the validity of the complaints. Any battery powered device must be fully discharged and recharged on a regular basis to maintain battery life. We obviously can’t know if the ‘unhappy owners’ did so. We also recognise that any product can experience faults – we’d like to know how the replacement batteries, the warranty furnished, lasted.


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Other than the battery all the buyers expressed great satisfaction with the cleaner. We are not convinced by the complaints over the battery life but are compelled to make you aware of the issue. The number of reviewers who experienced this problem was few but it’s such a significant issue we couldn’t ignore it.

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