Dyson DC31 with Dual Power Mode Review

Dyson DC31 Dual Power

Looking for a tough, durable, and reliable hand held vacuum cleaner for those small cleanup tasks around your home? You might want to consider having a look at the Dyson DC31 Dual Power Mode Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, a revolutionary product from the popular vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Dyson.

The first thing that you will find is that it certainly does not lack power thanks to the Root Cyclone technology which is the signature feature

of Dyson machines. The suction power is greatly increased due to the unique way in which the DC31 spins the air at incredibly high speeds, which leverages the power of centrifugal forces. The main selling feature of this cleaner, as the name suggests, is the Dual Power Mode. As the manufacturer puts it, “There are times when you need extra power for tough cleans. DC31 has a Dual Power Mode that gives you the option of 10 minutes of constant high suction (38 Airwatts) or 6 minutes of 70% higher suction (65 Airwatts) – ideal for both longer jobs and tough spot-cleans – just push the big button at the back of the cleaner. And because DC31 uses Dyson's patented Root Cyclone technology, it doesn't loose suction.”


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Another thing that you will notice about this particular hand held vacuum cleaner model is that it is extremely light, weighing in at just over 3 lbs. Your arms and back won't become tired too quickly, which means you'll be able to get more cleaning done in one cleaning session.

You might be wondering how something so small and so lightweight can be so powerful. The fact of the matter is that the DC31 motor is built tough and is capable of outputting the same amount of power, if not more, than most traditional style vacuum cleaners. The secret to that is in the technology that Dyson uses to build its digital motors.


Dyson DC31 Dual Power Mode Handheld Features and Specifications


Dyson DC31    Weight: 1.32 kg


DC31     The most powerful handheld with no loss of suction


    Dual power mode delivers 70% extra suction for tough cleans


   Powered by the new Dyson digital motor – smaller, lighter, more powerful


    22.2V lithium ion battery recharges up to three times faster than others


    2 year guarantee – parts and labour are covered


Dyson DC31 Reviews


We found a significant number of reviews for the Dyson DC31 Dual Power Mode Cleaner online and the largest portion of reviewers (over 85%) had only good things to say about the DC31 HandHeld Vacuum Cleaner including the fact that it is capable of producing large amounts of suction power which makes cleaning up a lot easier. This is perhaps one of the issues that other hand held models face, which clearly gives Dyson a competitive advantage over its rivals.

The only two issues that some reviewers have are regarding the charging of the vacuum cleaner, which in many cases takes in excess of 3 hours. When someone has a cleanup task to take care of, they simply don't want to have to wait that long in order to use the cleaner. The other issue is that the battery loses power somewhat quickly if you are constantly using the higher power setting. We accept both issues as being valid, but don’t consider them to be significant factors that should put someone off this machine. If, as most probably do, you leave the cleaner constantly charging then you will probably never have to wait three hours or anywhere near that length of time to use the machine. And, yes the higher power setting drains the battery quickly, but most users will find the lower setting more than sufficient for most tasks as even the lower level supplies more suction power than most other cleaners.


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Overall, the reviews are very positive and reviewers are pleased with the Dyson DC31 Dual Power Mode Handheld Vacuum Cleaner and its ability to help clean up those small and sometimes not so small, hard to reach messes with ease. Based on what we have seen and read, we definitely recommend the DC31 Dual Power Mode Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for purchase.

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