Dyson DC30 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson DC30

The Dyson DC30 Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner (Latest Generation) is a Dyson hand held for spot cleaning and quick pick-ups. It has Dyson’s distinctive Root Cyclone technology providing constant suction, and cleans for six minutes on the highest setting which is pretty good for a hand held.

The Dyson DC30 Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner (Latest Generation)

comes with a combination accessory tool with wide debris nozzle to pick up crumbs and large particles or converts to a brush tool for dusting delicate surfaces and computer keyboards. The DC30 also includes a crevice tool for cleaning skirting boards, picture rails and in-between furniture. The 14.8V lithium-ion battery in the DC30 recharges up to three times faster than others.


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DC30 is powered by the new Dyson digital motor, which is smaller, lighter and more power-efficient than conventional electric motors.


Dyson DC30 Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner Features and Specifications


   Powered by the new Dyson Digital Motor – smaller, lighter and more powerful than conventional motors (Motor wattage: 133W)


   Patented Root Cyclone technology for no loss of suction


   Lightweight and ergonomic – only 1.23Kg and balanced weight distribution for easy handling


   Hygienic and quick to empty – the Dyson DC30 minimizes risk of contact with the dirt


   Lifetime pre-motor filter (washable)


   2 year guarantee – parts and labour are covered



Dyson DC30 Reviews


We were able to find several dozen reviews for the Dyson DC30 Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner online. The vast majority of the reviewers, over 90%, were positive in their assessment of this product. A number of reviewers said they had previously owned Dyson machines and expressed mid to high satisfaction with these cleaners but all thought the DC30 was the best Dyson model they had experience of.

When taken together the reviews paint a picture of a lightweight hand held, with a new efficient, powerful motor. Whilst the latest version of this model the Dyson DC30 has been on the market long enough to have already demonstrated it’s durability – it just keeps on going even with daily use. The running time on a single charge is very respectable and the recharging time is quick compared to many models (including some other Dyson's) and the in the box accessories provided are good quality and open up a wide range of potential uses for the cleaner.

The only meaningful comment verging on negative we could find was an expression of unhappiness that there is no wall mounting bracket included with the cleaner (it is sold separately.)


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Judging by all of the 4 and 5 star ratings we found for the Dyson DC30 Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner and all of the complimentary things that people reviewing this product online have to say about it we feel very comfortable recommending the Dyson DC30 to anyone who needs a quality, versatile, reliable hand held vacuum cleaner. The price may be a deterrent for some but it is generally true that you do only get what you pay for!

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